Start a Company

Protect and save

Start your LLC or Corporation. We’ll help every step of the way.


We sit down with you to discuss the best possible options for the legal and tax structure of your new business.┬áMost clients of ours enjoy our easy process. We ask for your basic information (if we don’t already have it from being our client). Price ranges from $400-1000 depending on structure and features. Don’t be fooled by LegalZoom and the like. Their prices may seem cheap at first, but they will charge you an annual fee for keeping records and support.

We will supply you with:

  1. LLC or Corp certification
  2. Agreement papers (for your records)
  3. State ID
  4. Federal ID (EIN)
  5. Optional: S-Corp election (learn more right here)


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  2. Tax consulting

For more information, please contact your consultant.